If you are interested in booking an event in Saskatchewan, then you can learn more about life in the province by following any of these informative podcasts.

Saskatchewan Matters from Martin Charlton Communications.

This is a weekly podcast hosted by Martin Charlton. He adds his own insights regarding the stories behind the news headlines. Saskatchewan Matters focuses on the industry and media who help provincial, national, and international clients tell everyone more about their lives and contributions to the public.

Followers of this podcast can also visit MyNewsroom.ca to sign up for daily news updates. Remember to like Saskatchewan Matters.

Norma Galambos Lifestyle Podcast

Norma is a member of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. She shares her experiences about inspirational Canadians, Saskatchewan history, and collective life experiences. She adds a little humour to her sessions. Since this is a lifestyle blog, travellers might find some tips here before deciding on booking an event in the province.

Visit her website for links to her lifestyle blogs, published works, and gift shop. Followers can subscribe on social media now to avoid missing an episode.


Rob Huck has been a security guard, geophysicist, technical communications specialist, cinephile, Game of Thrones enthusiast, blogger, tree planter, student activist, musician, political campaign strategist, community-service leader, and even a pandemic planner.

Follow Rob’s life as he makes his home in the city of Saskatoon. Even though he has done many things in his life, he is first and foremost a storyteller. He has many interesting and compelling stories to share with the world.

Bring Out Your Geeks!

This podcast will help readers to discover the geeky hobbies and interests of artists based in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The podcast is hosted by Devon Dozlaw and created with the help of the Creative City Centre.

The show is designed to provide a more comprehensive view of artists from their humble beginnings. It gives the listener a look at what life is like as an artist in Canada. The podcast aims to humanize artists.

These podcasts will get you up to speed on everything that has to do with life in the Canadian province. Contact us if you need to know more about Saskatchewan before booking a venue.